Creating transparency with regard to subscriber retention costs

German mobile network operator


On account of the diversity and heterogeneity of retention measures as well as the often decentralized responsibility for the specific costs of contract extensions, the contract extension costs are very non-transparent. A transparent cost analysis as well as a more exact and value-based budget allocation is to be achieved by combining essential streams of costs as well as distributing costs among different channels, offers, types of costs, DB classes, customer segments etc..

Core issues:

  • What are the overall costs of a contract extension?
  • What is the amount of the individual types of costs?
  • How are the contract extension costs distributed according to channels and DB classes?
  • Do the costs per customer correspond to his or her specific value proposition?
  • How could channel efficiency be increased?
  • What savings could be achieved by optimizing the budget allocation?

Our Input:

  • Overall project management
  • Development of the approach
  • Clarification of all required interface discussions
  • Start-up of the prototype
  • Development of ideas for optimum budget allocation


  • Disclosure of the exact costs per contract extension according to channel, DB class and type of offer
  • Optimization of the value-based offer structure for contract extensions
  • Verifiability of the positive effects of a value-based CRM approach