Development of an up- and cross-selling strategy

German mobile network operator


On account of the variety of flat rate offers on the market it is becoming more and more difficult to increase the turnover per existing customer by means of traditional mobile communications products. Innovative and novel products are required to open up further turnover and value potentials by cross- and up-selling measures.

In order to unlock these opportunities, a strategy is to be developed for evaluating potential new products and measures for the CRM sector for the years to come.

Core issues:

  • Which additional products and services could be offered to customers as a principle?
  • Which products are being marketed by domestic and foreign competitors?
  • Which products would be in line with the corporate strategy?
  • Which products would be profitable and could be implemented technically and operatively by when?

Our input:

  • Analysis of the competitor’s activities and research of international up- und cross-selling products in mobile communications
  • Evaluation of potential products in terms of turnover and expenditure for implementation
  • Pre-feasibility for selected products which would be an optimum supplement to the existing portfolio
  • Creation of a roadmap for the launch


  • Successful implementation of the first products