Introduction of value-based retention and upselling

German mobile network operator


The mobile communications sector is characterized by an increasing complexity of products and services – above all on account of many existing customer tariffs and an increasing margin erosion. In particular when managing existing customers, this calls for tool-supported value orientation, both for contract extensions and for up- & cross-selling measures.

Core issues:

  • How exactly can value-orientation be achieved?
  • Which turnover figures and costs could be used upon DB assessment to enable a fair evaluation of different customer segments?
  • Which policy for changing tariffs and options is to be used?
  • How are commissions for sales channels calculated in case of value orientation?
  • How can a realtime decioning engine delivery valid results while still efficiently dealing with all customer enquiries on all channels?

Our input:

  • Coordination of all functional requirements
  • Quantification of the positive effects
  • Responsibility for functional transfer of operations


Ongoing – Launch scheduled for 2012