Connected home sales strategy

12.06.2015  • Growth- & Value-Strategy

Global producer of consumer electronics

Developing a strategy for reducing the dependency on indirect sales channels. Sales area control for demonstrating the performance capacity of the connected home entertainment products at the PoS.

Core issue:

  • How could sales dependencies in indirect channels be reduced?
  • How could the start of direct marketing be realized without affecting the existing business?
  • Which market entry strategy would offer the best cost/benefit/risk ratio?

Our input:

  • Development of a business concept for the “Connected Home Entertainment Portfolio”
  • Detailed evaluation of existing sales channels as well as development and evaluation of alternative ones
  • Supply of the business case
  • Evaluation of partners and establishing contacts, partner management and implementation
  • Front-to-end project management (products & services, brand, marketing, sales, assortment, online, customer service, 3rd party service provider, staff & training, IT, business case & budget)
  • Responsible for proposition & budget towards top management

Launch of first shops