Definition and assessment of the mobile wallet / NFC strategy

12.10.2015  • Growth- & Value-Strategy

International telecommunications provider

In Japan, “mobile wallet” (via NFC technology) already is a huge success, while in Europe the topic still is in its infancy with different local stages of development. On account of the first minor successes made in individual countries, the client wishes to define and assess a uniform corporate strategy. At the same time, the strategy is to be compared to the approaches developed by subsidiaries in order to be optimized.

Core issues:

  • What would be the optimum strategy from the point of view of the corporate group?
  • Which use cases could be realized by means of the NFC technology?
  • What is the stage of market development of the respective local subsidiaries and which launch strategies are being used?
  • Do the local subsidiaries require corporate know-how or technical support?
  • Which potential does mobile wallet offer and which costs are to be expected?

Our input:

  • Development of a mobile wallet strategy across the corporate group
  • Development of market models and long-term assessment of risks and potentials
  • Definition of use cases in the fields of mobile payment, mobile ticketing, mobile customer cards and mobile access control
  • Evaluation of the markets in Europe and the local subsidiary’s strategy
  • Development of approaches for supporting the local subsidiaries from the headquarters
  • Preparation of the launch approach


  • Corporate strategy and business case
  • Go-to-market concepts