Development and implementation of a new revenue planning method

12.03.2015  • Growth- & Value-Strategy

German mobile network operator


In an increasingly competitive environment it is essential to plan and actively manage the customers‘ revenue and value figures. Traditional planning in terms of usage and price per unit cannot create a transparent view, which makes a focused management in case of deviations even more difficult.

Core Issues:

  • How can traditional planning in terms of price * units be replaced by a transaction oriented model?
  • How can it be ensured that all relevant transactions are planned disjunctively and that changes in customer behaviour are detected?
  • How can the net value of individual transactions be calculated?
  • Which granularity is necessary for such a planning and reporting while at the same time keeping it lean enough to manage and implement it?

Our input:

  • Operative project management from conception to implementation
  • Conception of the new planning basis and development of a detailed concept together with Controlling and the functional department.
  • Identification of all relevant planning components and their quantification logic
  • Introduction of an early-warning system to detect non-transaction related changes in the customer base in time
  • Definition of responsiblities and processes for the new planning method
  • Coordination of a step-by-step implementation including iterative quality reviews to increase planning accuracy


  • Increase of transparency and planning accuracy via transaction oriented planning
  • Faster analysis and correction of deviations
  • Early identification of changes in the customer base