Development and implementation of alternative sales strategies

12.04.2015  • Growth- & Value-Strategy

Field of competencies:

  • Growth & value strategy
  • Strategic partnering
  • Financial assessment

Consumer electronics group

Developing a strategy and operationalization

Core issues:

  • How could the sales dependencies in indirect channels be reduced?
  • How could the start of direct marketing be realized without affecting the existing business?
  • Which market entry strategy would offer the best cost / benefit / risk ratio?

Our input:

  • Development of new sales strategies.
  • Evaluation of optional sales partnerships.
  • Elaboration of business plans.
  • Definition of operationalization scenarios.
  • Integration into global budgeting guidelines.


  • Understanding of new sales models tested in the market.
  • Diversification in the sales portfolio by integration of new sales approaches.
    Integration of sales partners for quick and cost-efficient implementation of strategies.
  • Long-term shifting of turnover from uncontrolled indirect sales channels to the controlled direct sales channel.