Development and implementation of a marketing strategy for mobile data

German mobile network operator

In the light of the saturation of the mobile voice market, the topic of mobile internet is of major importance. Private customers, too, increasingly enjoy new possibilities of surfing on the go. Furthermore, competitors have already gained advantages and are successful in the new market. To account for this new development at short notice, a marketing strategy for mobile laptop surfing is to be developed.

Core issues:

  • When is the mass market going to adopt the topic of mobile data?
  • How could communication and pricing be adjusted in order to close the gap to the market leader?
  • What is the target group?
  • How could the surf stick be positioned?
  • What could be a simple, comprehensive pricing that addresses different segments?
  • What possibilities exist for above-average growth?

Our input:

  • Realization of qualitative and quantitative market research as well as deduction of possible measures
  • Drawing up the pricing portfolio
  • Development of a communication concept (positioning, USP definition, etc.)
  • Development of offer concepts for disruptive growth
  • Launch support prepaid surf stick


  • Tenfold increase in laptop flat rate sales with a term of 24 months

Successful launch of prepaid surf dongles