Analysis of mobile application stores in SEE

12.05.2015  • Product & Innovation

German mobile network operator


The mobile applications market is increasingly gaining importance in Southern and Eastern Europe as well. This is why the various app stores are now starting to establish their services in these countries. The aim of the project was to assess the status quo of app stores for each country in the framework of an analysis of the regional markets in order to deduce a market entry strategy for Southern and Eastern Europe.

Core issues:

  • How large is the mobile applications market in the individual countries?
  • Which app stores are active in which countries? Which market share does each of the app stores hold there?
  • Which contents are being offered in the regions?? Are the apps in local languages?
  • Which payment methods are being used? Is a bank licence required for operator billing in the respective countries?
  • What could be a possible market entry strategy for a communications service provider; which countries are to be addressed first (country scoring)?

Our input:

  • Carrying out the analysis and comparison of the mobile applications market in the individual countries
  • Elaboration of a market entry strategy and a country scoring model


Market entry strategy / prioritization of regional markets