Launch of mobile data / components

12.09.2015  • Product & Innovation

German mobile network operator


Product components such as premature contract extension, a testing function or virus protection are to be added to successful data products. The idea is to be defined in detail and implemented in the systems and/or via workarounds as quickly as possible. Furthermore, the extended product must be released by controlling while the sales department is to be briefed. For resource reasons, no product managers are available for the urgently required implementation.

Core issues:

  • How can the product components’ release by the commissions be achieved as quickly as possible?
  • Would the product extension be profitable?
  • Can the extended product be sold by sales and/or which adjustments to the product are required?
  • How could the product components be realized in the systems?
  • Which workarounds could be used prior to systemic implementation?

Our input:

  • Development of a simple mobile data tariff portfolio
  • Completion of the product development process
  • Modelling, calculation and defence of business cases
  • Definition and coordination of workaround processes with departments such as customer service, technology and sales


  • Launch of the product components

Positive impact on turnover and EBITDA