Mobile security

12.10.2015  • Product & Innovation


German mobile network operator


New sources of profit are required in mobile communication in particular in order to compensate the decrease in ARPU in the core voice service business. Further essential goals in mobile communication are lowering the churn rates while increasing customer satisfaction as business from new customers can no longer overcompensate possible losses of existing customers. In this context, the realization of mobile phone insurance was analyzed.

Core issues:

  • Which GSR effect could be realized by mobile phone insurance?
  • What would be the impact on churn rate and customer satisfaction?
  • What would be the optimum proposition for such a product?
  • Which provider would be the best match for the catalogue of requirements?
  • How could such a product be integrated into the sales processes?

Our input:

  • Overall project management
  • Creation of the proposition
  • RfQ process and selection of providers
  • Preparation of all required processes


Supply of concept and process ready to launch