Relaunch of the mobile broadband portfolio

12.01.2015  • Product & Innovation

German mobile network operator

The market for mobile broadband has ceased to be a frequent user market to become a mass market. On account of the changes in the usage patterns and on account of new use cases, a new MBB portfolio was to be created in consideration of these changed frameworks which was to be suitable for maintaining and expanding the high market share in the field of mobile broadband gross adds.

Core issues:

  • How could the target group of MBB users be segmentized?
  • Which propositions would be capable of awakening the market?How could the individual segments be addressed in the best possible way?
  • What would the overall portfolio be like?
  • Which role does the hardware play?

Our input:

  • Generation of customer insights by means of qualitative market research (focus groups)
  • Deduction of target group segments and proposition concepts
  • Drawing up a quantitative concept test and deduction of a suggestion for implementation


  • Impressive confirmation of the portfolio in the framework of market research
  • Approval of the concept by the management

Successful launch of the portfolio (implementation was carried out by the client)