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You have questions? We provide answers.





What makes Iskander Business Partner different from other consulting companies?

Which clients does Iskander Business Partner serve?

What are the main areas of your project work?

What are typical projects?

What is the average duration of a project?

Does IBP offer the possibility of working abroad on international projects?

Which hierarchy levels are there at Iskander Business Partner?

What opportunities do you offer for personal development?


There are many reasons why Iskander Business Partner is different from other consulting companies. And these reasons exist not only on paper but in practice. With us, you are trusted to work independently at the client’s site from Day 1, at the same time receiving active support from your IBP colleagues. You are given the opportunity to learn from the experiences of more senior colleagues and determine your own career path. Last but not least, we hold the record for the lowest personnel churn rate in the industry!

Our clients primarily belong to the TIME industries: Telecommunication, Information, Media, Entertainment. We have built strong relationships not only with the biggest players in the market, but also with smaller companies.

Our core business is the completion of growth & value projects in the TIME industries – Telecommunication, Information, Media and Entertainment. Our performance is consistent and success oriented – it is not dependent on a department or the status of the client. We are contacts for group leaders as well as heads of departments and VPs.

We set clients from the Telecommunications and associated industries onto the right course with effective strategies in marketing and sales, product development and CRM areas. This often involves managing the development and implementation of innovative product marketing and sales concepts.

In most cases, an average project takes 3-6 months. Since we aim to develp strong client relationships, it is possible that certain projects with different project phases can also last longer.

Our core business is currently focused on serving the German, Austrian and Swiss markets. However, in the past there have been opportunities to work in Europe in locations such as London, Madrid and Milan. Our long-term goal is indeed to build client relationships across borders.

Iskander Business Partner lays a strong emphasis on promoting quick decision pathways and maintaining flat hierarchies. After your entry as a Management Consultant the next formal progression level is that of a Partner.

We offer you an individual career opportunity with exceptional possibilities for further development.
In addition to a comprehensive seminar portfolio, our mentoring programme will also help you to fully develop your talents and capabilities. This is enabled by your personal development plan, which analyses and evaluates your performance based on pre-defined criteria.