Our consulting philosophy: visible & measurable added value

Who we are

Our owner-operated management consultancy Iskander Business Partner focuses on the areas of customer centricity, data-based marketing & sales, digital excellence and smart products & innovations. As an awarded “hidden champion” for innovation and growth in 2018/2019 and 2020/2021, we attach great importance to our entrepreneurial team with a start-up mentality. Thanks to this philosophy, we have developed into one of the leading consulting firms in the telecommunications, media and automotive industries in just a few years.

How we work

Together with our partners, we develop results and implementation-oriented concepts in which we always assume overall responsibility from start to finish. Our success has grown steadily on a solid basis since it was founded by Armin Iskander in 2005. All of our team members are at the forefront with our partners. They actively shape our strategy and always accompany our clients in a goal-oriented and partnership-based manner. Passion for our work, personal responsibility as well as a down-to-earth and transparent cooperation are the sails that carry us to success.

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Date based Marketing & Sales

Our consulting expertise


We ensure that our clients are able to cope with their tasks and challenges, and can resume to a successful course by

  • developing concepts and strategies in the areas of sales, marketing, CRM and product management,
  • implementing efficient project management,
  • and providing support in the form of interim managers.


We offer many years of experience in marketing, sales and CRM across different industries.

  • Our focus lies on the telecommunication, information, media and entertainment industries (TIME), in which we continuously identify new potential for growth, which we then implement together with our clients.
  • In addition, we provide clients in the fields of retail, automotive and financial services, among others, with our expertise.
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Berater erklärt Customer Centricity

Our consulting goals: great impact through transparent project progress

Increasing Shareholder Value

Generating a sustainable increase in shareholder value is one of our top priorities. As consultants with entrepreneurial spirit, it is one of our key responsibility to ensure long-term growth and profits for our clients, while involving their workforce and stakeholders in the process at the same time.

End-to-end commitment and impact

In line with our end-to-end commitment, we agree the concrete project objectives with the client at the start of a project. These objectives guide us through the project and form the basis for assessment of its success.

The continuous, transparent and realistic progress report of the project is an important element of our trust-based cooperation with the client, and ensures that the right course is set. Due to our extensive experience in consulting in different industries, we know when and what has to be implemented, and how it should be executed.