How it all began

Armin Iskander erzählt seine Geschichte

The urge to make a difference, roll up his sleeves and achieve great things: just like many others, these were the motivations for Armin Iskander to take off in a “classic” management consultancy. But disillusionment came quickly. His perceived lack of focus on the people behind a company and his deep-rooted urge to see consulting as a solution-oriented partner at eye level resulted in the founding of Iskander Business Partner GmbH.

Erfolgsgeschichte endet mit Auszeichnungen

Instead of just analyzing and showing how something could work, our internal team members, together with a selected network of experts, now help other companies to achieve their goals through trust, conceptual sensitivity and a rousing doer mentality. Whether in the media, telecommunications, insurance, automotive or consumer electronics sectors, numerous well-known partners now trust the passion and expertise of our Iskander family.

Vortrag von Armin Iskander bei der Unternehmensberatung München
When I founded the company, I had a vision: management consulting must be much more implementation-oriented. We offer our clients entrepreneurial consultants and experienced interim managers for long-term client success.
Armin Iskander