Training for various topics in the area of “agile working”

What we talk about with our clients:

In today’s business world, agility is key. At Iskander Business Partner, we offer comprehensive support in all areas of agility. We provide a fundamental understanding, support the integration of agile values and methods and offer customised coaching for agile projects. We also support companies in their agile transformation. Our experts are ready to accompany companies on their path to greater agility and long-term success.

Our services:

  • “Agile Basics” training
  • Promotion of agile working methods
  • Coaching of agile roles & methods
  • “Agile Leadership” coaching
  • Development of agile corporate structures
"Agile project management is not a panacea for all projects. However, it is an important management tool for a variety of project types to ensure that motivated employees achieve very good project results and feel valued and comfortable in their working environment. Agility promotes self-determined working, which is an important basis for many employees in their day-to-day work these days. Agile leadership also offers managers of today and tomorrow the opportunity to interact better with their employees in the new world of work, which also has a positive impact on the corporate climate."
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Our services in the area of AGILE WORKING

"Agile Basics" Training

Agility is a buzzword in today's business world, but many organisations still don't understand what it really means and are therefore reluctant to embrace it due to a lack of expertise. Iskander Business Partner offers its clients customised "agile appetiser" training courses to provide an initial overview of the agile working world and make it easier to get started.

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Promotion of Agile Working Methods

To set up projects in the company in an agile manner, a basic knowledge of the methods is essential. The training "Promotion of Agile Working Methods" by Iskander Business Partner offers an overview of specific agile project methods. The content can be selected jointly. The focus is on the added value of agile working methods, which aims to empower our clients' employees to take even more initiative.

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Coaching of Agile Roles & Methods

Iskander Business Partner offers so-called "on the fly" coaching for individual project groups or individuals who are already working on agile projects. We accompany the individuals in their daily project work, analyse the procedure and the methods used in order to subsequently identify discrepancies in the correct execution of these methods.

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"Agile Leadership" Coaching

For many employees, agile leadership describes the ideal management style of their line manager. However, managers often do not know exactly what this term actually means. Iskander Business Partner offers targeted workshops and coaching sessions for our clients' managers to familiarise themselves with the new leadership style and learn the added value.

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Development of Agile Corporate Structures

Agile projects are often dissolved after successful completion, and employees return to their traditional work routines. However, permanent agile organizational structures offer various benefits for the company and its employees. Iskander Business Partner helps you establish agile organizational structures, thereby creating lasting advantages.

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We are constantly striving to expand our range of services for you.

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“Agile Basics” Training
Training for the introduction to agile basics of project management

We support our clients in making the transition to the agile world of work. To this end, we offer initial agile basics training (agile appetisers). In a workshop, the first contact with this topic is designed in an interactive and playful way, so that the client then has a basic knowledge of the agile working world and the desire for further training and coaching.


  • Gain an initial understanding of agile basics in daily project work
  • Break down fundamental resistance to agility through knowledge sharing
  • Obtain a good overview of the topic in a short amount of time
  • Spark interest for more input on the subject of agility
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Promotion of Agile Working Methods
Training for promoting agile working methods in the company

After our clients are familiar with the agile basics, our training “Promotion of Agile Working Methods” offers a deeper overview of specific agile project methods. Depending on preference, the focus can be on different topics such as Scrum, Kanban, Design Thinking, or other agile working methods. By integrating practical examples and interactive elements, the added value of various working methods is demonstrated, tools and task areas are explained, and our clients are empowered to make informed decisions about the agile implementation of projects.


  • Added value of individual agile working methods in the project context is conveyed
  • Explanation of necessary tools, tasks and roles in agile projects are shown
  • Familiarising employees with agile methods so that they can be used easily in practice
  • Increasing the motivation of our clients’ employees, as agile projects require more personal responsibility and participation
  • Differentiator for our customers on the market, as they can carry out their projects in an agile manner. This can be used in recruiting and encourage our customers to carry out more agile projects in the future (with our support) and thus achieve even better results
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Coaching of Agile Roles & Methods
For existing projects or as preparation for new projects

Agile project management methods are widespread, but projects are often (supposedly) started in an agile way even though not all project members in the company have the necessary knowledge. This can lead to poorer results and demotivation. We offer “on the fly” coaching for individual project groups or individuals who are already working on agile projects. We accompany and interview people in their daily work, analyse their approach and identify discrepancies in the correct application of agile methods.


  • Project members of our clients learn the correct use of agile project management methods through individual training
  • This results in better outcomes and higher employee motivation
  • Ongoing agile projects of our clients are accompanied during their duration and do not need to be interrupted
  • In the future, it will be easier for our clients to correctly implement projects using agile methods

“Agile Leadership” Coaching
Coaching of agile leadership for managers in the company

We offer customised workshops and coaching sessions for managers to illustrate the importance and benefits of agile leadership using practical examples. These can be conducted independently of projects in order to raise awareness of the topic in general. We also offer “on the fly” coaching sessions for managers who want to improve their skills in agile projects. Finally, we analyse the perceived change in the management style of line managers through interviews with employees.


  • Building know-how and demonstrating the benefits of the “Agile Leadership” style
  • Individual coaching based on the current roles and situations of the leaders
  • Highlighting specific skills, necessary tools, and important tasks of an agile leader
  • Boost in motivation for leaders and employees in the company, as “Agile Leadership” can now be correctly practised
  • Consequently, better project outcomes through the use of this leadership style

Development of Agile Corporate Structures
Support of the development in existing organizational units 

We support clients in permanently establishing agile organizational structures (e.g., after the completion of an agile project) to leverage the benefits of agile frameworks. In a kick-off workshop, we analyse potential areas for the implementation of agile structures within the company, assess available resources, and collaboratively develop plans for building new agile structures. We accompany the companies throughout the implementation process until the new structures are successfully established.


  • Demonstrating the benefits of agile organizational structures
  • Kick-off workshop to define individual structural possibilities
  • Designing concrete plans for development and processes within the company
  • Detailed implementation plans at the organisational and team levels

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