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What we talk about with our clients:

Iskander Business Partner is your partner for taking customer service to the next level. Successful companies recognise and leverage the potential of excellent customer service. Gone are the days when service was primarily seen as a cost driver. Instead, interactions with customers provide valuable insights for the company and foster long-term customer loyalty. While marketing and sales bring customers into the company, a high-quality customer service experience reassures them that they made the right choice. Our experts help you unlock this treasure and turn your customers into fans.

Our services:

  • Comprehensive health check of customer service and derivation of measures
  • AI & digitalisation in customer service
  • Customer experience and satisfaction in customer service
  • Selection and onboarding of external partners
  • Tool evaluation, selection, and implementation
"It is about time for both the self-concept of customer service as well as its position within the company to fundamentally change. Viewing this role, which operates at the customer interface, primarily from a cost perspective fails to recognise the essential contribution customer service can make. Especially in saturated markets, customer service has a significant impact on long-term customer retention. Those who listen closely to the concerns of their customers will also derive invaluable benefits for products and processes."
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Our services in the area of CUSTOMER SERVICE

Customer Service Health Check

The Iskander Business Partner Health Check helps to answer questions such as: "Where do I stand with my customer service?", "Do I meet clients where they expect me to be?" or "Is there a holistic service philosophy and is it lived throughout the company?" and shows concrete measures and potential to take customer service to the next level.

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AI & Digitalisation in Customer Service

AI has been on everyone's lips not just since ChatGPT, but with the availability of large language models, the possibilities are taking a quantum leap and opening up completely new potential. AI offers you the opportunity to make many areas of your customer service more efficient without compromising on customer friendliness.

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Customer Experience and Satisfaction in Customer Service

Customer experience optimisation in customer service pays off: Satisfaction and loyalty can be increased by analysing weak points via feedback and interaction data. By implementing or utilising an existing customer satisfaction survey, we continuously track success. This results in potential such as increased loyalty, a positive reputation and sales growth.

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Selection and Onboarding of External Partners

Onboarding an external partner is the key to successful collaboration. In addition to carefully selecting the right partner who understands the needs of their client and brings suitable experience to the table, the foundation for a lasting and successful collaboration is laid during the initial phase. With our detailed knowledge of the market, Iskander Business Partner is the right partner in this process.

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Tool Evaluation, Selection, and Implementation

Individuality, problem-solving skills and empathy are the hallmarks of your employees. Optimally equipping them with the right tools and their professional implementation and integration ensures that they can maximise these skills.

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We are constantly striving to expand our range of services for you.

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Customer Service Health Check
Your customer service – ready for the future

Based on structured interviews and a review of existing documentation, we carry out an in-depth assessment of the customer service organisation in order to identify strengths and weaknesses. In doing so, we gain an all-round view of the entire organisation and examine technological as well as strategic and operational aspects. From the insights gained, we derive specific recommendations for action that form the basis for improving service quality, thereby strengthening customer loyalty and building a long-term positive customer relationship.



  • Detailed analysis of customer service quality
  • Identification of organisational strengths and weaknesses
  • Derivation of specific measures
  • Optional: implementation of the identified measures
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AI & Digitalization in Customer Service
Entering a new era in customer service with AI

Advances in artificial intelligence are opening up new application possibilities in customer service. We have identified and implemented promising scenarios. AI applications enable efficient responses to customer enquiries and improve customer satisfaction through faster service times. They also offer potential for more efficient processes and error reduction. We recommend an evolutionary approach in order to utilise this potential step by step.


  • Selection of predefined application scenarios
  • Development of a roadmap for utilising AI-based scenarios
  • Implementation of the desired solution
  • Evolutionary advancement of application modules

Customer Experience and Satisfaction in Customer Service
In-depth customer experience analysis & customer satisfaction survey 

The customer experience in customer service characterises the overall perception of a company. We offer an in-depth analysis of customer interactions in order to identify and eliminate weaknesses. In addition to implementing a customer satisfaction survey, we provide support with feedback management and analysing existing data. On this basis, we improve service quality in a targeted manner, whether in individual channels or along specific customer journeys.


  • Detailed analysis of customer experience in customer service
  • Preparation of findings along the defined customer journeys and channels
  • Implementation of optimisation potentials
  • Optional implementation of a comprehensive customer satisfaction survey and success monitoring

Selection and Onboarding of External Partners
Support in the fast and efficient integration of the ideal partner

The selection and integration of an external customer service provider requires careful planning for a successful collaboration. We support you from the selection of the partner through onboarding to operational implementation. We analyse your requirements, find the right partner and provide support with onboarding and defining the operational guidelines.


  • Definition of requirements
  • Screening for suitable partners
  • Evaluation of partners, including scoring based on requirement criteria
  • Selection of the partner
  • Execution of onboarding measures

Tool Evaluation, Selection, and Implementation
Creating optimal conditions for perfect customer service through applications

Ideally, an integrated omnichannel application enables seamless handling of customer service communication and ensures maximum transparency in the contact history. Sometimes, however, satellite systems are unavoidable, such as dedicated call centre software, separate chat tools or special applications for social media channels. In addition, knowledge management systems support agents, RPA (Robotic Process Automation) applications automate routines, feedback tools offer customer satisfaction surveys and analysis software provides valuable analyses. We help your company to select the optimal tools and implement them effectively.


  • Joint definition of requirements
  • Screening for suitable applications
  • Evaluation and scoring based on requirement criteria
  • Selection and implementation of suitable applications
  • Coordination of handover to operational responsibility

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