Increasing satisfaction, loyalty, and value of your customer base throughout the lifecycle

What we talk about with our clients:

As an expert in customer management, Iskander Business Partner has many years of experience in optimising customer retention measures and processes across the different phases of the customer lifecycle. We also have extensive expertise in creating and delivering data-driven offer recommendations (NBO/NBA) and in visualising and optimising your customer communication. Additionally, we have deep knowledge in the implementation, optimisation, and management of loyalty platforms. With our cross-industry know-how, we help you achieve real value creation and customer loyalty throughout the entire customer lifecycle.

Our services:

  • Definition of CRM target vision and maturity assessment of customer retention processes
  • Evaluation, selection, and implementation of CRM systems
  • Introduction or optimisation of customer lifecycle and churn management
  • Automated offer recommendation (NBO/NBA)
  • Mapping and optimisation of overall customer communication
  • Implementation, optimisation, and management of loyalty platforms
"The more relevant, consistent, and professional the customer lifecycle is designed from the start, the greater the satisfaction, loyalty, and willingness to pay of your customers. Therefore, customer-centric companies are proven to be the more successful players in the market. We at Iskander Business Partner are happy to assist you in aligning your customer lifecycle management to benefit your customers and thus the economic success of your company. Feel free to contact us."
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Definition of CRM Target Vision and Maturity Assessment of Customer Retention Processes

The CRM maturity assessment by Iskander Business Partner is ideal for all companies interested in assessing their current CRM status. Where do we stand? What can be improved to act more customer-centrically and become more effective?

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Evaluation, Selection, and Implementation of CRM Systems

Is your management of customer base and CRM campaigns too manual? Are the tools/systems you currently use reaching their limits? Iskander Business Partner is happy to assist you with the entire process chain, from CRM tool selection to implementation. From designing a CRM target vision, defining requirements, vendor selection, and contract negotiation, to the implementation and go-live of the new CRM system.

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Introduction or Optimisation of Customer Lifecycle and Churn Management

Today, the customer is addressed informally and with promotional content, and tomorrow, the same customer is addressed formally through a back-office letter? With offers that are unappealing and have already been declined multiple times? This is customer communication that no one wants to receive, yet it is still sent far too often. Our customer lifecycle & churn management helps you align your customer communication optimally with the customer profile, customer value, and the respective lifecycle phase.

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Mapping and Optimisation of Overall Customer Communication

What value has the best brand marketing if customer communication undermines this image in the perception of consumers through inconsistencies or errors? Our customer communications mapping makes all the communication your customers receive from you transparent. This also applies to the customer communication of your competitors. Consequently, it provides valuable insights for optimising your existing customer communication.

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Automated Offer Recommendation (NBO/NBA)

Who wouldn't like to be greeted by name at their favorite Italian restaurant and be offered their favorite dish or a comparable option from the daily specials? But how do you determine individual offer recommendations for a customer base with thousands of customers? Iskander Business Partner provides numerous tools to recommend optimal combinations using AI based on your customer data and product portfolio.

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Implementation, Optimisation, and Management of Loyalty Platforms

20% of customers typically account for 80% of revenue. How can you further increase the revenue from these most valuable customers while also ensuring their long-term loyalty to your company?

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Definition of CRM Target Vision and Maturity Assessment of Customer Retention Processes
Increase your CRM performance

Based on stakeholder interviews, we determine the current status of your CRM, answering the question of where you stand today. In parallel, we also derive your CRM target vision through stakeholder interviews. What should your CRM look like? From the status quo and target vision, we create a gap analysis and identify measures to close the gap. These measures are then prioritised together with you based on effort and benefit, resulting in a concrete action plan with the next steps.

If desired, we are also happy to implement the defined measures for you.


  • Assessment of your current CRM status
  • Moderated formulation of your CRM target vision
  • Detailed gap analysis and derivation of measures
  • Prioritisation of measures resulting in a detailed action plan
  • Implementation of defined measures, if desired

Evaluation, Selection, and Implementation of CRM Systems
Implementing your communication strategy effectively requires the appropriate tool

In the digital age, our clients face the challenge of choosing between long-term partnerships or external software solutions. We bring extensive experience from various selection processes and assist in gathering requirements, identifying suitable solutions, supporting the selection process, negotiating, and implementation. Our primary goal is to ensure operational success.


  • As a trusted advisor, Iskander Business Partner ensures that the selection process is as neutral and structured as possible, increasing the likelihood of a successful long-term decision
  • Involving all relevant stakeholders ensures buy-in from all departments and consideration of all client interests
  • Leveraging the expertise of Iskander Business Partner to make collaboration with the selected provider as effective as possible
  • Professional project management enables an efficient project duration and timely delivery of all work results
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Introduction or Optimisation of Customer Lifecycle and Churn Management
The right communication at the right time through the right channel

Communication between a company and its customers should be like communication between two people: engaging, constructive, and relevant. It should be segmented or individualised, depending on the customer value and lifecycle phase. Our experts support you from conception to implementation:

  • Definition of relevant campaigns
  • Establishment of customer contact strategy
  • Prioritisation of campaigns
  • Development of automated campaigns
  • Identification of churn reasons along the customer journey
  • Building and validation of scoring models
  • Design of measures to prevent churn
  • Operational management of campaigns


  • Optimisation of the existing campaign portfolio
  • Increase in conversion rate by enhancing communication relevance
  • Increase in customer lifetime value through upselling and cross-selling
  • Reduction of churn rate through prevention and win-back optimisations
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Mapping and Optimisation of Overall Customer Communication
High-quality brand perception through consistent and error-free communication

Many companies struggle with their customer communication, which is often inconsistent and fragmented. We support you in optimising your communication by analyzing your entire communication mix and making the types of communication your customers receive transparent. Based on interviews and a possible competitor analysis, we identify areas for improvement and develop a concept to optimise the identified weaknesses.


  • Transparency over your existing customer communication
  • Identification of weaknesses
  • Concept for and support in optimisation
  • Enhanced brand perception through communication optimisation
  • Increased conversion and revenue through optimised communication

Automated Offer Recommendation (NBO/NBA)
The best offers for customers can be predicted automatically

Data-driven marketing is the future. It enables optimal decision-making for the right offer, the appropriate timing, and the suitable channel. Automated analyses already help us improve CRM and marketing communication today. Data-driven offer logics like “Next Best Offer” go even further. They provide each customer with individual product recommendations based on a comprehensive analysis of buying behavior. This not only increases customer value but also strengthens customer loyalty.


  • Value enhancement of the customer base through maximum capitalisation on purchase willingness
  • Cost optimisation through highly automated processes while simultaneously increasing sales figures
  • Increased data availability and quality through fully automated data feedback
  • Reduction of channel costs and optimisation of commissions through faster and more targeted offer deployment
  • Sustainable revenue increase of up to 20%

Implementation, Optimisation, and Management of Loyalty Platforms
Reward your best customers for their loyalty and purchasing behavior

Creating appreciation and individual benefits leads to customer satisfaction and long-term loyalty. These are the main goals of loyalty programs. To be successful, they must be customer-centric: simple, beneficial, varied, and not overloaded. With our extensive experience in the design, implementation, and operational management of loyalty programs, we support you in evaluation, developing the mechanics, platform selection, campaign planning, success reporting, and implementing “Surprise & Delight” elements.


  • Increase in revenue, particularly in the segment of the most valuable customers
  • High-value customers benefit more than others, thus the highest revenue-generating customers are most strongly retained
  • Increase in NPS in the high-value customer segment
  • Development of customers in the mid-revenue segment into top customers
  • Increase in market share, especially in higher-revenue customer segments

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