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What we talk about with our clients:

Increasing sales and marketing efficiency – this is what Sales & Marketing stands for. We align customer contacts with the needs of customers based on data and thus achieve the best possible awareness, customer acquisition, customer development as well as best-in-class retention and customer loyalty. Iskander Business Partner helps you to optimise existing structures and processes in the long term with the help of data-driven approaches or to set them up from scratch.

Our services:

  • Development of 360° online and offline marketing concepts
  • Conception and implementation of lead management processes
  • Digitalization of sales processes
  • Increasing sales through big data analysis concepts
  • Omnichannel strategies to optimise the customer experience and conversion
  • Development of new sales channels
"Customer wishes and the choice of sales channels have changed fundamentally in recent years. This requires new impetus for marketing activities and the positioning of sales. We at Iskander Business Partner have an excellent overview of the market. We can use maturity analyses and competitive comparisons to show you your potential and work with you to leverage it. Get in touch with us."
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Our services in the area of SALES & MARKETING

Development of 360° online and offline marketing concepts

Iskander Business Partner keeps an eye on your brand and aligns marketing activities accordingly. Data-based customer segmentation and customised campaigns in the appropriate channels lead to high brand awareness and above-average conversions in the sales funnel.

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Conception and implementation of lead management processes

Acquiring new customers is expensive - also because a lot of potential is lost in the sales funnel. With the extensive experience of Iskander Business Partner consultants, we review your lead generation processes at all critical success points and optimise them, measure the changes and continue to optimise. In this way, we reduce acquisition costs and achieve a significantly higher number of new customers for you in the long term.

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Digitalisation of sales processes

Even today, many processes in sales are still not digitized. From order entry and order transmission to processing and performance measurement and reporting, there are various media disruptions and sometimes even slow and error-prone paper processes, especially in B2B. These processes need to be systematically identified and target processes need to be designed, platforms need to be selected and implemented.

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Increasing sales performance through big data analysis concepts

Through a comprehensive analysis of your sales performance by product, customer segment, region, sales channel, etc., Iskander Business Partner records the performance and analyses best practices and optimisation needs. Your sales channels are adjusted and, if necessary, the know-how of your sales staff is brought up to the required level through training measures. As a result, sales figures increase - as does employee satisfaction.

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Omnichannel strategies to optimise the customer experience and conversion

A seamless customer experience requires consideration of all customer touchpoints in sales and service. Customers expect transparency and consistency so that negative service contacts are not repeated in the sales process. At Iskander Business Partner, we focus on looking at the customer experience from the customer's perspective and implementing improvements accordingly.

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Development of new sales channels

Iskander Business Partner supports you in the successful development of new sales channels. Traditional channels are sometimes no longer sufficient and therefore the introduction of online sales or telesales can be considered. A direct sales channel may also be suitable under certain circumstances. However, this involves risks, especially without the relevant experience. Iskander Business Partner has the expertise to help you in this endeavor.

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Development of 360° online and offline marketing concepts
360° marketing concepts for efficient resource allocation

The use of the various contact channels is very heterogeneous across different customer groups. This is why every concept begins with careful customer segmentation and allocation of the segments to the respective channels.
We then work together on the right messages for each channel and the way in which we transport them. We pilot, measure, optimize and do this until we have achieved optimal targeting. To do this, we use tools developed in-house that allow us to analyze your data without any further internal effort.
We also work with you to create the necessary skills in your organisation to be able to control large numbers of fine-grained marketing campaigns.


  • Brand awareness increases
  • Response to marketing activities increases
  • Marketing messages are more highly relevant to clients – client satisfaction increases
  • Traffic in the sales channels increases
  • Sales are positively influenced

Conceptualisation and implementation of lead management processes
Holistic conceptualisation of your B2B lead management process

We analyse your lead generation processes and measure success rates in order to identify potential for optimisation. We then design a suitable target process that may include additional channels or activities. One focus is on efficient data processing and GDPR compliance.


  • Number of leads increases (because the right channels/media are chosen)
  • Quality of leads increases (because messages/channels are more relevant)
  • Processing costs decrease
  • Risks for data storage decrease

Digitalisation of sales processes
Digitalisation in sales from lead via closing to management

In the as-is analysis, we look at the data flows in all systems and channels, including consolidation, consistency and data formats. We often find different details and a lack of consolidation, which leads to inconsistent measurement and control. Our goal is fully digital data collection and processing. Our aim is to collect, centralise and uniformly evaluate identical data across all channels. With a clear delta between actual and target, we close the gaps with a comprehensive plan.


  • Standardised customer and sales data from all channels
  • Fast availability of data
  • “One” truth through a central database
  • Possibility of consistent measurement and control of channels
  • Reduction of manual process steps and efficiency gains

Increasing sales through big data analysis concepts
Big data analyses to increase sales performance

We use our in-house tools to analyse top performance and below-average performance in your sales department. Together, we identify untapped potential and define areas for action, which may include organizational changes and adjustments in customer segments or products. We support you in implementing these measures in order to fully exploit the identified potential.


  • Higher sales performance
  • Higher value contribution per unit for the company
  • Contemporary positioning of the sales organisation
  • Consistent and timely measurability across all channels and segments
  • Better transparency, also for sales employees and managers

Omnichannel strategies to optimise the customer experience & conversion
Omnichannel support for customers across sales and service

We start with a thorough analysis to assess every customer interaction across multiple channels. Together, we prioritise the areas that need improvement and develop cost-effective measures to optimise the customer experience. Often this also requires a change management program to raise employee awareness.


  • Measurable increase in customer satisfaction
  • Based on this, lower churn rates and higher post-purchase probabilities
  • Higher sales per transaction

Development of new sales channels
Conception and development of new sales channels with commissioning and optimisation

Changing customer needs often require adjustments to sales channels. New trends such as changes in television consumption or services available around the clock influence customer behavior. It is therefore important to regularly review and adapt the sales channel set-up. When deciding on a new channel, numerous questions need to be clarified, from traffic generation to data protection. We have extensive experience in setting up new sales channels and develop projects that cover all relevant elements. Our aim is to implement the new channel quickly and successfully and to continuously improve its performance.


  • New sales channel set-up in line with customer needs
  • High performance in the new channel right from the start
  • Maximum risk reduction when investing in the new channel
  • Rapid implementation of your project

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