Identify optimal times for addressing customers

Determining the right time for a sales talk is often still a “gut feeling” in sales. Either the calendar reminds him to visit an existing customer again or he actively looks for opportunities in his sales area or segment. Due to this often still unstructured approach, potential customers – even if they basically fit perfectly into the target customer profile – are often found at a non-optimal moment when they would be open for a sales talk. In the worst case, however, a competitor was already on site at the right time and was able to close a deal. Knowing “when” the customer is ready for a sales talk and then being first gives the salesperson an immense competitive advantage and increases the chance of a successful deal.

IBP supports you in the systematic, data-driven determination of “Compelling Moments”, i.e. optimal times to approach new or existing customers.


  • Everyone who has ever worked in the field knows this moment: “I was just by chance in the right place at the right time and was able to close the deal quickly”. With the help of state-of-the-art Big Data analyses, such “Compelling Moments” can be systematically identified and made available for sales.
  • The sales department gains a significant competitive advantage if it knows the right time to approach a new or existing customer.
Contact: Stefan Kaas
Stefan Kaas im Team der Unternehmensberatung München