Implement digital marketing & analysis tools

Do you find it difficult to understand customer behaviour on your website? Your campaigns are too generic because you lack important information about customer behavior? New customers click on your ads, but often abandon the purchase prematurely?

We at Iskander Business Partner help you to create the best structure to collect, analyse and use customer data in an optimal way. Based on your business strategy and your requirements, we work with you to develop individual applications of digital (social media) tools. The jointly developed use cases cover your internal requirements as well as (new) market demands. We draw on our many years of experience in various industries (e.g. media and telecommunications).

There are different types of tools:

1.)    Analytics tools such as Adobe or Google Analytics

Analytics tools pull data from various systems and databases to show desired information (including possible customer preferences) from these data pools. The company can analyze this data for its own needs.

2.)     Monitoring/Listening Tools such as HubSpot or Brandwatch

These tools offer, among other things, possibilities for website monitoring and classic media analysis, but can also cover analytics or content tasks.

3.)    Engagement tools such as Sprinkler

With the help of engagement tools, companies can better understand customer behavior in relation to their brand and product diversity and thus make ideal use of the information gained. In this way, for example, better product adaptations can be implemented based on measurable feedback.

Due to the overlapping functions of all three tool types, an analysis for the correct tool selection is of great importance. essential.

How do we at IBP support you in choosing the right tools for your business? First, we conduct interviews with the responsible employees and set up workshops to determine the current status and your challenges. We describe customer clusters and develop first segments together with you. Based on this, we describe clear use cases that target your most important KPIs.

For a correct assessment of the use cases, we prepare a cost-benefit analysis for you and calculate the financial added value. On this basis, we prioritize the use cases that have been developed in order to derive what an ideal target image for your company could look like.

The use of digital tools and the development of new use cases will enable you to strengthen your market position vis-à-vis your competitors and to address your customers more precisely.


IBP uses proprietary methods for the entire setup and evaluation of suitable tools:

  • Complete qualitative and quantitative (internal and external) analyses
  • Use of agile project management methods
  • approaches to idea development such as Design Thinking


  • IBP’s expertise in the complete project execution from analysis to implementation of the selected tools
  • Tool evaluation and vendor selection
  • New measurement and analysis options for customer touchpoints within the Customer Journey
  • Development of concrete application possibilities of (new) customer data, which you can use directly for better lead and conversation generation
  • Digital marketing from a single source to target campaigns or content individually to your customer segments