Determine digital maturity level

Objective: Systematic approach to digitisation

Where does your company stand in terms of digital maturity? And how does it compare to its competitors? What opportunities and fields of action are there? How can digitization potentials be translated into concrete projects and solutions?

The “Digital Maturity” format brings clarity.

It provides

  • a strategic consideration of the topic
  • shows fields of action and
  • provides approaches to solutions with which we can jointly advance the digitalisation of your company.

Concrete contents are:

a) Determination of the current situation:

Systematic determination of the digital maturity level and a comparison with two competitors nominated by you.

b) Recommendations for action:

Identification of fields of action in digital transformation and derivation of recommendations for your company

c) Concrete approaches

Project proposals for the further development of the digital maturity level

d) Objective observation “from outside

Implementation of the format by qualified digitisation experts


  • Competence measurement / maturity measurement on points such as strategy, leadership, control, products & services, business processes, employees & culture as well as technology via interviews with relevant contacts in your company
  • Analysis of customer contact points on the web, social media and app
  • Competitive comparison with other market participants in terms of customer contact points
  • Research of innovation examples or business models that may represent opportunities or threats
  • Start-up market overview (number and investments of start-ups)
  • Preparation of the interviews and desk research results within the framework of a workshop
  • Development of a project overview of planned, current and future projects in the digital environment
  • Consolidation of all developed contents in one target image

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