Develop and improve online sales

IBP helps you maximize your online success. Whether you’re a beginner or advanced user, we have the answers to your most important questions:

  • “What are the right steps and partners for me to build my online business?
  • “How much budget should I put where?”
  • “Are my tools, processes, and KPIs still current”
  • “Can I get more out of my budget?”

Methods, tools and channels in online business are developing rapidly. The subject area is broad and requires specific know-how. We offer neutral and trustworthy advice, because agencies often have a personal interest and are therefore not neutral.

Based on our many years of expertise, we analyse your online business in all relevant subject areas and make concrete suggestions for:

  • Website
  • Apps
  • Social media
  • performance marketing
  • Omni-Channel Integration
  • Analytics

The goal is to align your online business holistically with the customer.


  • Increase in online sales
  • Increase customer satisfaction through new digital features and Omni-Channel integration
  • Optimization of campaign donations and agency expenditures
Contact: Ben Hagelauer