Increase sales efficiency

Many sales employees today still work on a gut feeling basis when processing their leads or in marketing, leads are addressed as a lump sum, classified by segment at most.

Lead scoring is a method used in sales and marketing to rank the addresses generated according to their probability of completion. Nowadays, a large number of internal and external variables (especially from the Internet and the various customer touchpoints) can be assigned to the customers, which allow the leads to be evaluated according to their probability of completion using “predictive analytics”.

Iskander Business Partner shows you how lead prediction can be applied to your data and helps you to choose the right machine learning provider for your needs.


  • In the future, your sales force will be able to save itself many appointments where a visit might at first glance appear to make sense, but on the basis of the analyses (and correspondingly extensive internal and external information) is not appropriate. The productivity of the sales force and the quality of the sales appointments will increase by focusing on the customers with the highest sales opportunities. In addition, the satisfaction of the sales staff is increased in the long term through more deals.
  • Only customers with a high probability of closing a deal are addressed. This significantly increases sales efficiency
Contact: Stefan Kaas
Stefan Kaas im Team der Unternehmensberatung München