Seamlessly intermesh sales channels

Companies are faced with the challenge of pursuing a sales approach that is tailored to both the product and the customer. The omnichannel strategy is regarded as a future-oriented approach.

Compared to other sales approaches, such as cross- or multi-channel, the omnichannel approach provides a seamless transition between the channels used, which puts the customer at the centre of attention and at the same time makes the channels invisible.

It is a fact that the evolution of the customer is advancing and therefore society and technology usually develop faster than companies can adapt. It is therefore time to think about how to develop or expand a successful omnichannel strategy.

There are three key success factors:

1. consistent customer journey and experience

2. cultural change

3. conscious sewer hygiene


  • Design of a consistent customer journey across all channels
  • Sales optimization by e.g. increasing the conversion rate and reducing the termination rate
  • Avoidance / resolution of distribution conflicts between the channels
  • Efficiency through successful cultural change
Contact: Timo Maassmann
Timo Maassmann