Indentify potential customers

During the (first) customer meeting it is crucial that the salesperson quickly gains the trust of the potential customer. This trust is established when the salesperson can signal an honest interest in solving a customer’s problem and when he or she acts as a competent contact person who is very familiar with the concerns and current environment of the potential customer. A salesperson must therefore be able to provide relevant information and specific solutions related to the customer. Standard presentations as well as little specific information about the customer do not help here. However, due to their high goals, salespeople usually have little time to prepare themselves for the customer and their individual needs.

IBP supports you in systematically and automatically collecting and preparing relevant information about potential customers.


  • In addition to the professional appearance during the first customer meeting, the quick entry into a technical discussion (the sales employee already knows the “”subject areas”” of the customer), the collection and preparation of information helps the salesperson with the individual benefit argumentation as well as with the individual offer preparation
  • This significantly increases the probability of closing
Contact: Stefan Kaas
Stefan Kaas im Team der Unternehmensberatung München