Central sales management

Sales staff today use a variety of tools to prepare for and follow up on customer appointments. They use the classic web search to identify current topics and challenges of their potential customers, they use social media platforms to find out about their contacts, they process their leads in the Sales CRM system and they manage appointments and write e-mails in their office application. All in all, this still results in an enormous administrative effort for the sales staff, which costs valuable sales time.

By introducing a higher-level sales tool, the administration effort for sales staff can be drastically reduced. With this central tool, the employee manages his appointments, receives new leads, receives current insights into the target customers in a clear form and logs the topics that were discussed in the sales talk and directly triggers the next steps that were agreed with the customer.

IBP helps you to find the right tool for you, customize it to your needs and, most importantly, familiarize your sales and sales management staff with the tool and processes. So that the simplifications achieved quickly lead to more sales success.


  • Significantly more effective sales time due to drastically reduced administration effort
  • Valuable feedback for product management and marketing on the topics discussed in the sales meeting and the customer’s reaction to them
  • Highly professional and interactive customer dialogue
Contact: Stefan Kaas
Stefan Kaas im Team der Unternehmensberatung München