Web based address generation

Companies are always faced with the challenge of finding new target customers, …

  • that fit perfectly to the respective portfolio of products and services
  • with address information as up-to-date as possible
  • with additional information, if possible, which can be used in sales and/or marketing for a concrete approach

Address data from classic address brokers are often outdated and contain only little information about the potential target customers

Modern web crawling methods provide a significantly higher number of potential target customers with more up-to-date and far more information about the customers. Iskander Business Partner helps you to find the right web crawling companies and to set up processes that ensure high data quality and automated integration into your system landscape.


  • Maximization of available leads
  • Top current addresses of target customers always available
  • A lot of additional information available for the sales department, which increases the rate of sales
  • Massive relief of the sales department by automating the information procurement to the target customers
  • Fully automated processes with low administration effort for sales and sales control
  • “Tapping” as many lead sources as possible
  • More target customers with additional information content perfectly and automatically prepared for sales.