Making digitalisation of processes and products feasible and quantifiable

What we are being called for

Product life cycles are becoming shorter and digital products are disrupting value chains. Companies compete across industries with agile, young market entrants. With years of expertise in product development, management and innovation, Iskander Business Partner helps you find the right product strategy for your business.

In addition, our experts work with you to implement the right product strategy and ensure a successful market launch and establishment.

Our services

  • Laying the foundation for data-driven business models and creating a monetisation strategy
  • Analysis and optimisation of your product portfolio
  • Takeover of the product management and optimisation of the product life cycle
  • Change of development to agile methods like Scrum; creation of use cases, epics and stories
  • Development and testing of ideas through creativity methods, design thinking (prototypes, MVPs up to MEP) and design sprints, etc.
  • Development of new products and successful establishment on the market
  • Further development of new products into Smart Products, including the creation of an ecosystem: APIs, appropriate digital services, bundles, modularisation, up- and cross-selling, etc.
  • Selection and management of the network of agencies, implementation partners and tool providers
  • Optimisation of your analytics and reporting
Entwicklung eines Smart Products

Our services in the area of Smart Products & Innovation