Using 5G as a driver for revenue and efficiency

The introduction of 5G will be of great importance not only for mobile operators but also for subscribers along the entire communications value chain. From enterprises to local governments, from backhaul providers to OEMs and handset manufacturers, 5G will radically change the dynamics of the industry. Medium-sized and large companies can also raise efficiencies and increase revenues by implementing technology-based use cases. It is time to plan a strategy for this transformative new technology.

In workshops, we identify relevant technologies with you and then design concrete use cases that are evaluated based on the criteria of market volume, market maturity, implementation effort, up-sell potential and customer acceptance. For selected use cases, we derive tangible project approaches based on a technology adaptation rate.

If you already have concrete ideas about 5G, we can help you as a challenger of business plans. If not, we also help you to build digital ecosystems and platforms and manage your cooperations, sales partnerships, IT service providers and agencies. Our driver is our passion for growth, innovation, product development as well as digital services and new technologies. To be able to carry out any kind of project, we have built up an extensive network of experienced IT specialists, design thinkers, agile coaches, product owners and scrum masters.


IoT sensor technology: The use of more efficient communication and sensor technology throughout the supply chain reduces costs and improves, for example, the transport routes of supply chains. Here, 5G enables a more precise use of retail store space and an optimization of the entire logistics processes by enabling the use of AI for warehouse analysis and drone control.

Mesh networks: Mesh networks allow 5G networks to be set up quickly and offer enormous advantages for all industries. The use of 5G technology in the transport and energy sector creates cost savings and the merging of control processes. Traffic light networks work with the help of a Trusted Mesh network even without connection to the main network. In the event of a major disaster, 5G devices can continue to operate within the traffic light network.

Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality: The more stable and faster communication via 5G offers new possibilities in the field of VR/AR and streaming, especially for media and tourism. With 5G, new ways to increase customer value in digital service portfolios are provided and processes such as inventory management are improved.


  • Additional revenues through an efficiency gain based on innovative technology
  • Avoiding loss of competitiveness and market share
  • Identification of unexpected business benefits and use cases
  • Improvement of transmission speeds and capacities
  • Increase of the brand value through a pioneering role
  • New marketing opportunities and a wider range of services