Providing new inspiration for innovation

Within the framework of a moderated 1-2 day workshop, we develop innovation ideas for your business together with you using various creativity techniques.

The ideas are then conceptually elaborated using IBP’s best-in-class proposition development process.

The elaboration takes place in small teams of about 5-6 people, so that with a larger number of participants, the individual ideas can be compared and – if desired – evaluated.

The course of an innovation workshop is typically as follows:

  • Presentation of several creativity techniques, development of concrete innovation ideas (e.g. within the 6-3-5 method)
  • Introduction of the IBP Proposition Development Process
  • Each individual process step is worked through in small groups for a selected innovation idea and the results are recorded on a flipchart
  • Finally, the individual groups present their innovation concept.


  • Innovation impulse from outside through consultants experienced in the industry
  • Development of a broad range of innovation ideas
  • Mediation of the IBP best practice proposition development process
  • Development of concrete innovation concepts
  • Products that focus on the customer and his needs are easier to sell.
  • Price reductions due to not exactly fitting products can be reduced
Contact: Stefan Manahl