German telecommunications and internet provider



The client operates four entertainment online shops that are to generate cross-platform recommendations in order to draw the attention of potential customers to the platforms and to present the overall portfolio. Personalized product recommendations in online shops are popular with internet clients as a guide to orientation. In addition, companies such as, for example, Amazon have benefited from an increase in turnover of 15 % since the launch of the recommendation logic.


Core issues:

  • Which providers and systems are available on the market?
  • How reliable is the generation of product recommendations?
  • Which increases in turnover could be achieved?


Our input:

  • Current state analysis / analysis of chances/risks of a new recommendation system
  • Requirement analysis / compilation of specifications
  • Preparation and execution of provider selection



  • Increase of the click rate for recommended products by 50 % within the first 6 months following the launch of the recommendation system
  • Improved orientation during product selection thanks to personalized recommendations
  • Sale of niche products (long tail sector)
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