German media enterprise, pay TV provider



By now, a majority of companies estimates that the topic of social media is a sector worth developing in the top management sector. The company wishes to assess the importance of maximum reach social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube by means of its own site and establish this if required.


Core issues:

  • What would be a suitable social media strategy within the company?
  • What could be the objectives?
  • Where would social media be anchored inside the organisation?
  • Which channels, which activities match the corporate strategy?
  • In which way does the customer service touchpoint have to be integrated?
  • How could continuous and reliable monitoring be set up?
  • What budget and resources would have to be made available?
  • How could social media be anchored as an integral part of the company in the medium term?
  • What would be the benefits of social media, which KPI could be measured in a reliable way?


Our input:

  • Definition of the social media marketing strategy including various programs for using different social media technologies and thus improving the company´s visibility and awareness level
  • Project management for developing, implementing and controlling the corporate social media strategy
  • Development of a continuous monitoring process taking account of the competitive environment and a sustainable reporting system
  • Ensuring that the defined KPI for social media activities are met as well as ensuring internal knowledge transfer in all relevant departments



  • Anchoring the social media strategy on all management levels as well as within the corporate culture
  • Social media roadmap 2011 including contents, campaigns, offers
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